World Tourism Organization (WTO)

World Tourism Organization (WTO)

In the organizational chart of tourism, the world tourism organization (WTO) is the apex body representing at the world level, the tourism interest of NTAs and working as an affiliate of the United Nations Organization (UNO). Started as the International Union of Official Travel Organization (IUOTO) in the first half of the twentieth century, it became an intergovernmental organization in 1975 sand was named World Tourism Organization or WTO, for short. Presently, it has a membership of one hundred and thirty seven countries and territories. Besides, there are some three hundred and fifty affiliate members like airlines, travel agencies, etc. WYO is based in Madrid, Spain.WTO Organization is the United Nations (UN) agency responsible for the promotion of  sustainable and universally accessible tourism Part.

World Tourism Organization

WTO provides many services to its member’s ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­– the principle one the being the compilation of travel spastics’ and the publication of books and reports, to help members Government to plan an development their tourism. It works closely with several other international organizations with the objective of helping develop tourism in the world. It offers expert help to developing countries to plan, develop and reorganize their tourism. it strives to improve the quality of tourism education. Presently, its focus is to create an environment for sustained tourism.

India is one of its founding members and is often elected to its Executive council. Chief Executive is called the Secretary General. WTO aims to create favorable condition of free movement of travel in the world. For this purpose the passport –free travel in the world. To some extent, it has been achieved in all the European countries (EU), where the citizens can travel without visa and passport. Besides, these have introduced a common currency called euro making travel hassle-free. At present, if a visitor gets visa for one of the eleven European countries.

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