Types of Case Study All About Case Studies


In Research Methodology This is the Important Part to Grow Knowledge So Today We Discuss about the Case Study. This Study is Inspire by Jensen and Rodgers (2001) identified taxonomy of case studies comprising five types as shown in Image.


Five Types of Case Study

Snapshot case Studies: These are detailed studies of one research entity at one point in time. These are very common in student research project. This ad hoc type of case research can illuminate many aspects of organizational behavior.

Longitudinal case Studies. These studies, carried out at multiple time points, are powerful in that they offer the possible of understanding causative connection in organization behavior. By their extended nature, they are rarely possible for students.

Pre – Post case Studies. These studies involve a study of a situation at two time points separated by an event that forms the focus of the research. This design is powerful for probing a particular event and may often be feasible for a management student.

Patchwork case Studies. These studies comprise a set of multiple studies using snapshot, longitudinal and/or pre-post designs. This multi-designs approach is indent to provide a more holistic view of the dynamics of the research subject.

Comparative case Studies. These studies comprise two or more studies involving two or more research location for the purpose of inter-unit comparison. This design is potentially powerful and often feasible for students.

Types of Case Study “Yin (1994) makes a further distinction based on the purpose of a particular case study. He classified them as explanatory, descriptive and exploratory, each of which can be either single or multiple case studies. Underlying phenomena. Descriptive case aim essentially to document or classify a situation. In exploratory case studies, fieldwork and data collection may be undertaken prior to definition of the research questions and hypothesis. This type of study is a prelude to the design and implementation of a large-scale research investigation. Read Also :- Importance of Knowing How Research is Done


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