Thickening And Binding Agents in Food Production

Thickening And Binding Agents

Thickening And Binding Agents

Thickening And Binding Agents First We Tell About Thickening Agents give body, consistency and potability when used, when used. They improve the nutritive value. Flavored liquids are thickened and converted into soups, sauces, curries, mousses, puddings, etc.
Binding Agents are used to form a mixture of ingredients into a cohesive mass.
The thickening agents are starch, agar, eggs, gelatin, coconut, tamarind, curd, poppy seeds, onion paste, coriander power, etc. starch is the reserve carbohydrate of plants and is abundant in common food: corn, rice, wheat, potatoes, arrowroot, and tapioca; rice has about 80 per cent starch, wheat 70 per cent and potatoes about 19 per cent starch.
Starch is classified into cereal starches, root starches and instant starches.
Cereal starch is found in rice, wheat and maize. (Thickening And Binding Agents )
When cooked, corn wheat, or rice, begins to gelatinize at about 710c (160oF) but requires about 85-96oc (185-205oF) for maximum thickening. Cereal starches, when cooked and cooled, tend gel, while most root starches do not, as they have more thickening power than root starches. Root starches. Thicken at a lower temperature of 65-71oc (150-160oF) than cereal starches. They thicken completely below boiling point. Instant starches are pre-cooked starches, also known as pre-gelatinized starches. Instant puddings, etc., in the market contain instant starches. ‘Thickening And Binding Agents’
Agar is a rigid transparent gel, and is used for salads and sweet dishes. It is a seaweed, widely found in china.
Eggs give a firm gel when baked, and thicken, but are soft when stirred.
Gelatin (unflavored) is used for salads, cold sweets and cold soups. When set, it is transparent, firm and quivery.
Coconut is used for curries, and gives the gravy a whitish color, and thickens and enhances the taste.
Tamarind is used in a pulpy form and it gives a thickening to the consistency of the gravy and gives a brownish appearance and an acidic taste.
Curd is used for thickening curries and it gives a whitish appearance, and a good flavor.
Poppy seeds, onion paste, coriander powder give body to the curries, and slightly thicken the gravy and blend with the flavor of the curry. Read Also :- Indian Cuisine History & Introduction to Indian Cuisine

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