Techniques of Teaching Poetry Best Method

Techniques of Teaching Poetry

Techniques of Teaching Poetry
Techniques of Teaching Poetry

Techniques of Teaching Poetry – The teaching of the poem should have certain essential aspects to be observed the techniques used in the class should help the students to increase their power of appreciations of beauty and also add to the joy of the pupil in reading that piece of literature.

The teacher should start the teaching poetry of with the long introduction dealing with life, background and philosophy of the poet .

The teacher should encourage the students to read again and again those passages that generate the appreciation in the students . The repeated recitation creates a conducive atmosphere for the teaching of the poetry and in consonance with the emotions expressed in the poe

The poem should not be taught in parts . It should be taught as a whole . The poems in the smaller class should not be too long so that they finish in one class.

The teacher should create a feeling of curiosity in the students to grasp the idea and the emotions contained in the poetry they are reading . The poet provides great important to his feelings, emotions, experience in his work. The teacher should try to present those experience before the students. It is only on the basis of these experience that some practical knowledge may be imparted to the pupils.

It has been rightly “said ” if the teacher in not moved by the emotions of the poem then he cannot read it and therefore cannot teach . If the teacher himself lost in the feelings and emotions of the poet then under the inspiration of those feelings and emotions the teacher conveys successful to the students . There by the students are also raised to the thoughts of poet. Only after achieving this pedestal of thoughts will the teaching of poetry be successful .

Techniques of Teaching Poetry The teacher should create the poetic atmosphere , a tender and sympathetic environment of teaching poems. The students get proper opportunity to be able express their ideas . The teacher can success in generating the emotions in the students , the feel of poetry only when he himself feel the same

The teacher should put up such questions that would develop the refinement in the taste of student . These questions should be helpful in bringing about the feelings and emotions of the poet.


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