What is the Procedure of Plant layout ?

 Procedure of Plant layout 

plant layout study is an engineering study used to analyze different physical configurations for a manufacturing plant. It is also known as Facilities Planning and LayoutPlant layout refers to the arrangement of physical facilities such as machines,equipment, tools, furniture etc. Plant layout is a mechanism which involves knowledge of the space requirements for the facilities and also involves their proper arrangement.

Procedure of Plant layout

The Points to be consider while determining the Procedure of Plant layout.

  1. Determination of objectives: Procedure of Plant layout firstly manufacturing schedule should be studied for determining the procedure goals. This will help the activities as guidelines for future.
  2. Collection of Required Data: After the determination of objectives, decisions should be taken regarding machine and equipment, which are to be used in production according to the requirements of an industrial unit.
  3. Analysis and coordination of available Data: After collecting the data, it should be analyzed extensively according to the objectives so that co-ordinate may be made in various resources for the attainment of these objectives.
  4. Determination of layout planning: Appropriate method should be determined by studying various methods according to the need f an industrial unit. Read Also:- Importance of Knowing How Research is Done
  5. Design of Workshop and Building : For the accomplishment of work in the best possible manner, workshop should be arrange in such a manner, that facilities like machine, tools, safety of workers etc. may be sufficiently used while designing the building and the facts like office-stores manufacturing etc. should be kept in mind. 
  6. Development of Techniques: Appropriate techniques like process chart, flow diagram and templates etc. should be developed.
  7. Cost Estimation and Arrangement for Finance: While planning, the estimate of expense to be made so that required finance can be arranged for the execution of planning
  8. Development of Floor Plan : Land should be used for the hearing and noise making machine and there should be sufficient space between the machine so that they could be substituted .
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