Needs For Research in Education

Needs For Research in Education

So Friends We will now know what is the need of research in the field of education, as we know that in order to make the education system more suitable, the areas of education like all the departments also require research which provides useful knowledge. There are several important reasons for this.

All the fields in spirituality, history, economics, psychology and social science etc. are very deep in place of education, but it is based on the thinking that in order to prove the strongest confirmation theories, it has to be studied psychologically on various aspects of education.

Education is both the science and the art . In the form of science, the development of human brain is its development and advancement. It is the knowledge of the prevailing education work and knowledge of their country. Knowledge of the result of knowledge is given from the degree given by the school and the university. It goes on and on wards, the research related to the journals will be revealed as education is a body of knowledge and it is a scientific knowledge Must be connected to science.

Needs For Research in Education

Art is an effective distribution of knowledge through education. The question is in front of the academy scholars, how the teacher can take the land and how to get out of it, requires careful research, which can help the teacher’s usefulness.

Needs For Research in Education, From 1870, there has been a lot of expansion of education through the resolutions to democratize education; it has given rise to many problems, such as mutual differences, expansion, building, discipline etc. Through the investigation and error of these problems, a mistake has been found on the basis of experience. Also, the pace of development is slow and contingent on the basis of experiences, so the solutions should be based on research so as to prevent mistakes in the future.

Due to changing ideology in education world, research has become necessary in the field of education. On the development of education the International Commission has said in its Report ‘Learning To Be’ (UNESCO  1972 pp. 143)

Now education is not a limited topic by which human beings can speak their talk and talk to the world on their experiences and ask questions and be ready for their knowledge all the time. Not just economic and social, but from psychological research It turns out that human is incomplete and can increase knowledge by its own efforts. If this happens then education can take place in any situation.

For the past two decades, the reason for the rapid scientific and technological development has changed greatly, there should be such a role of education that in order to facilitate the changing environment, there is a need to improve the methods of reading books and its assessment of current course of education. This shows that the area of education is what I need for research.

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