The Nature of Educational Research

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Nature of Educational Research

Nature of Educational Research

Attempts to understand the process of education in a good way, in which the development of its abilities can be found in the periphery of education research. It is the use of scientific method to study education related problems.

Nature of Education Research – If we talk about Trevor’s 1958, our research process for the development of organized scientific sciences of teacher related events is the most important education research the most important is the pattern of the education relation which are taught by the main education. the gross knowledge gained about education The teacher should have the facility to make the educators understand this facility What kind of learning situation and education should be given to the disciples, so that the level of willingness in the behavior of young students studying in the school is ready as education is practicable science, so the main purpose of education research is to understand and explain human behavior and Controlling it up to a limit, it is the extension of the knowledge of the science that is organized and beneficial. No need to do with teachers. (Nature of Educational Research)

Due to changing ideology in education world, research has become necessary in the field of education. On the development of education the International Commission has said in its Report ‘Learning To Be’ (UNESCO  1972 pp. 143)

Now education is not a limited topic by which human beings can speak their talk and talk to the world on their experiences and ask questions and be ready for their knowledge all the time. Not just economic and social, but from psychological research It turns out that human is incomplete and can increase knowledge by its own efforts. If this happens then education can take place in any situation.

This thing comes back to the fact that education has been continuing beyond the control of the institutes engaged in acts and methods for centuries.

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