Importance of Spices and Herbs Important Part of Eating Lifestyle

Importance of Spices and Herbs

Importance of Spices and Herbs

  • Help in digestion: spices have been used since prehistoric times. Clove oil stimulates the flow of gastric juices; garlic, aniseed and asafetida are taken for better digestion, and to reduce the chances of hypertension.
  • Used for medicinal purposes: For toothache, clove oil relives the pain. Turmeric and oil applied on swellings and hurts, cure, as they are believed to have antiseptic qualities. Garlic and sound help digestion, ginger added to tea helps cure colds. Turmeric added to milk is given to a person who is in a state of shock.
  • Enhance flavor: dishes would be insipid and bland if the spices were not added, because they give a good flavor and stimulate appetite. The flavorings added should not be overpowering, but there should not be a suspicion that they have been added. This mental search for the flavor makes the dish more interesting.
  • Monosodium glutamate is a flavor enhancer in meat and fish dishes. Cinnamon, bay leaf, nutmeg, saffron, pepper, cloves, etc., also enhance the flavor. Monosodium glutamate is a salt like crystal known as MSG. it is marketed under various brand names and is produced by a special process from wheat, soya and sugar beet. It enhances flavor in the cooking of savory dishes.
  • Improve Palatability: some spice give color to the food and improve the appearance of the dish. Turmeric, coriander leaves, poppy seeds, and ratanjot give color to the food, which make the dish interesting.
  • Improve Palatability: salt is one of the important seasonings that enhance the taste of the food. It also brings out the flavor. The other seasonings that improve palatability are pepper, chilies, poppy seeds, coriander seeds, paprika, etc.
  • Act as preservatives: many foods are reserved for a longer time with the help of spices. Salt is used extensively for preservation (brine solution). Other spices that have a preservative quality are turmeric, cloves mustard, ginger, garlic and asafetida. Pickling is one form of preserving.
  • (Importance of Spices and Herbs) spices that have flavorings and seasonings are garlic, ginger, cloves, cinnamon, cardamom, cumin seeds, mustard seeds, poppy seeds, nutmeg, cafetiere, coriander powder, mace, pepper, fenugreek, chilies, saffron, aniseeds, turmeric, paprika, caraway seeds, allspice, sesame, etc. Thanks For Reading The Article Importance of Spices and Herbs in Your Eating LifeStyle & Read Also :- Chinese Cuisine History & Introduction to Chinese Cuisine
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