Importance of Knowing How Research is Done

Importance of Knowing How Research is Done

The study of Research methodology gives the student necessary training in gathering material and arranging or card-indexing them, participation in the field work when required, and also training in techniques for the collection of data appropriate to particular problems, in the use of statistics, questionnaires and controlled experimentation and in recording evidence, sorting it out and interpreting it. In fact, importance of knowing the methodology of research or how research is done stems from in the following considerations:- Importance of Knowing how research is done

Importance of Knowing How Research is Done

  • For one who is preparing himself for a career of carrying out research, the importance of knowing research methodology and research techniques is obvious since the same constitute the tools of his trade. The knowledge of methodology provides good training specially to the new research worker and enable him to do better research. It helps him to develop disciplined thinking or a ‘bent of mind’ to observe the field objectively. Hence, those aspiring for careerism in research must develop the skill of using research techniques and must thoroughly understand the logic behind them. Read Also:- Why Need For Research Design ?
  • Knowledge of how to do research will include the ability to evaluate and use research results with reasonable confidence. In other words, we can state that the knowledge of research methodology is helpful in various fields such as government or business administration, community development and social work where persons are increasingly called upon to evaluate and use research results for action.
  • When one knows how research is done, then one may have the satisfaction of acquiring a new intellectual which can become a way of looking at the world and of judging every day experience. Accordingly, it enable us to make intelligent decisions concerning problems facing us in practical life at different points of time. Thus, the knowledge of research methodology provides tools to look at things in life objectively.
  • In this scientific age, all of us are in many ways consumers of research results and we can use them intelligently provides we are able to judge the adequacy of the method by which they have been obtained. The knowledge of methodology helps the consumer of research result to evaluate them and enables him to take rational decisions.

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