Examination System & Reform Efforts in India

Examination System in India

Examination System The Assessment of success in education and learning is done on the basis of examinations since ancient period the education system in our country developed on the basis of British education system .Each class of society related to education is eager about the result of education .Teacher want to know about the effectiveness of the teaching parents are curious to know about the educational progress of their children students are also eager to know about their own educational achievements, administrator wants to know about the result of their financial investment .

Examination System in India

All these activities are fulfilled by examination make active the two main pillars of education the teacher and the students may work hard as they do and teachers may provide the students, students may work hard as they do ,and teachers may provide them maximum help motivate and guide them.

  • Examination System in India In our country the examinations re conducted on each stage at the end of educational sessions.
  • Examination are mostly external and teacher are not involved directly in the evaluation of examination of their own students. At some places there is provision of internal examinations.
  • With the exception of some subjects where practical and viva voice take place mostly the examinations are written.
  • In the examination most of the question are essay type which required details answers from the students.
  • Students are promoted or become enable to appear in a selection examination or jobs on the basis of success in the examinations . in other words examination are the means to obtain certificates or degrees for the students.

These type of traditional examination are being criticised since long after independence in order to reform the education system the first priority has been given to examination reform. reform in examination does not mean to requirements .Thus, before suggestions the reform it is necessary’s to know its limitations .

There is majority of essay type questions hence students have many alternatives to answer and there is lot of subjectivity involved while examiners examine the papers. Due to this type of education the whole education system becomes a centre of examination.

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