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Education Management And Administration

The main goal of research in the field of education management and administration is the dissemination of knowledge, interpretation of various relationships of management and a theory of education management.This will solve the problems of the education administration and it will be more efficient and capable.

For the purpose of this objective, the subjects should be selected for personnel administration, education planning, education methodology, school equipment planning, school organization, professional administration, evaluation of institutions, management theory, administration and superintendence etc.

The quality of research conducted in the education management sector in India has been very low.The review from the middle of 1939 to the middle of the 1980s came from the fact that the study of education administration in Indian Universities is only for M.ed. And M.A. Degrees are required accordingly.Sharma (1968) suggested such studies, which would be a mark on the policy making in the recruitment process.

Education Management And Administration

A major profitable study will be done in the field of analysis, education administration and superintendence in the Indian context of Principal Teacher, Principal, Sub Inspector, Inspector, District Education Officer, Deputy Director and Director.It will also be beneficial to study the prelude role of Principal and Principal of Secondary School Primary School.

Education should also focus on the location and future of collective bargaining in the education, the compulsion of the rules of current compulsory education, education administration by the voluntary organizations and legal status of control etc.

To improve the expertise of school organizations in order to get maximum education by the students, education technology needs to be upgraded. Bush (1987) stated that the adoption of new model practices of administration and management was not even used.Mainly only done in the subject of secondary education while negatively working has been done for the primary level And not done at the highest level of education.

Valecha and Abraham wrote that the rules of education, the reasons for influencing the internationalization of education, the development and experimentation of guidance programs, the institution and its significance in the context of the given curriculum, the management practice adopted by different institutions, the effective functioning of the universities Need research in management topics.

Murti and Cardona  Found That there is hardly any study done about the purpose of management, decentralization, professionalism and accountability.They believe that research on these subjects should also be studied on micro planning and institutional planning, change of management at a macro level.

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