Definition of Research & Meaning of Research

Definition of Research

Definition of Research

Today we are going to talk about research and in this context we will study today! So let’s start, as you might have seen, what is the importance of research in today’s time today, the format of all the technologies of world today is of research itself  All of you will know what the research is, but in today’s topic, we will know in brief.

First of all, we know that what is research is the name of the adoption of scientific method to solve research problems. Research is very important, both research and scientific methods are related to each other. Objectives related to efforts will be made to find solutions to the scientific method.

The control and purpose of these events gives rise to complete unbiased theories. Research is not limited to the separate isolated facts due to its scientific manifestation, but it integrates the observational facts. The logic of problems in this verification is a complete explanation and the necessary method It is envisaged that to speak in different words, it has been said that the goal of research is to find solutions to any problem or Central to the problem is to be solved should be answering questions and should be known to you with more. ( Read Also :- The Nature of Educational Research )

Definition of Research As Per Our Great Author’s in common parlance refers to a search for knowledge. Once can also define research as a scientific and systematic search for pertinent information. In fact, research in an art of scientific investigation. The Advanced Learner’s Dictionary of Current English lays down the meaning of research as “a careful investigation or inquiry specially through search for new facts in any branch of knowledge.” Redman and Mory define research as “systematized effort to gain new knowledge”. Some people consider research s a movement from the known to the unknown. It is actually a voyage of discovery.

We all posses the vital instinct of inquisitiveness for, when the unknown confront us, we wonder and our inquisitiveness makes us probe and attain full and fuller understanding of the known. This inquisitiveness is the mother of all knowledge and the method, which man employs for obtaining the knowledge of whatever the unknown, can be termed as research.Definition of Research

Definition of Research

 Definition of Research As Per Author – ‘ Research is an academic activity and as such the term should be used a technical sense. According to Clifford Woody research comprise defining and redefining problems, formulating hypothesis or suggested solution; collection, organizing and evaluating data; making deductions and reaching conclusion; and at last carefully testing the conclusion to determine whether they fit the formulating hypothesis. D. Slesinger and M. Stephenson in the Encylopaedia of social sciences define research as “the manipulation of things, concept or symbol for the purpose of generalizing to extend, correct or verify knowledge, whether that knowledge aids in construction of theory or in the practice of an art.”

Research is, thus, an original construction to the existing stock of knowledge making for its advancement. It is the pursuit of truth with the help of study, observation, comparison and experiment. In short, the search for knowledge through objective and systematic method of finding solution to a problem is research. The systematic approach concerning generalization and the formulation of a theory is also research. As such the term ‘research’ refers to the systematic method consisting of enunciating the problem, formulating a hypothesis, collecting the facts or data, analyzing the facts and reaching certain conclusions either in the form of solutions (s) towards the concerned problem or in certain generalization for some theoretical formulation.

The specialty of the research is that patience should be done in a hurry without any hesitation. In it, miraculous devotion is rarely available, a good Researcher should not be disappointed and should continue to strive This is the quality of a good researcher.

Research is sometimes required for courage. History of science is a witness that their important discoveries had to face the opposition of the then political and religious authorities. The observation of the above characteristics makes it clear that the knowledge gained by research is a Very High Level.  

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