Deductive Reasoning Meaning & Definition

Deductive Reasoning

Today, we are going to talk about what is the Deductive Reasoning and will learn about it. Philosopher Aristotle and his followers have contributed immensely to developing the means of obtaining reliable knowledge; He developed a method known through his syllogism name, which can be called intense contemplation, in which one can be called a particular from corporal reasoning The statement can reach the statement, from the known to the unknown, to examine the validity of any conclusion or idea The instrument provides is included in these arguments.

Deductive Reasoning

(1) The main accomplishment which is based on self or relation
(2) The smallest means relating to any one episode on which it is useless or irrevocable
(3) Conclusions If the main or the short term is found correct then the conclusions based on them are also true, see an example:
All creatures are mortal
The dog is an organism
The end of the dog will die

This method also has the following limitations, useful in extracting conclusions.
(1) The conclusion derived from the syllogism is based on the ideas contained in it, if the relation is not related to the reality or partly because it is wrong then the outcome will not be valid.
(2) Its second limitation is that it is available only in the syllogism form
(3) In addition to the known logic, the known things can be arranged and known from unknown to unknown and new relations can be identified, but it can not be considered a sufficient basis for obtaining reliable knowledge. So friends understand that you have understood this.

In Short – Deductive Reasoning is a logical process in which a conclusion is based on the unity of many complexes, which is generally considered correct.

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