Collection of Data Through Schedules

Collection Data Through Schedules

This method of data collection is very much like the collection of data through questionnaire, with little difference which lies in the fact that schedules (Per forma containing a set of questions) are being filled in by the enumerators. Who are specially appointed for the purpose. These enumerators along with schedules, go to respondent, put to them the question from the Per forma In the order the situation, schedules may be handed over to respondent and enumerator may help them in recording their answer to various question in the said schedules. Enumerator explain the aims and objects of the investigation and also remove the difficulties which any respondent may feel in understanding the implication of a particular question or the definition or concept of difficult terms.Collection Data Through Schedules

Collection Data Through Schedules

Collection Data Through Schedules -This method requires the selection of enumerators for filling up schedules or assisting respondents to fill up schedules and as such enumerators should be very carefully selected. The enumerators should be trained to perform their job well and the nature and scope of the investigation should be explain to them thoroughly so that they may well understand the implication of different questions put in the schedule. Enumerators should be honest, sincere, hardworking and examination in order to find out the truth. Above all, they should be honest, sincere hardworking and should have patience and perseverance.

This method of data collection is very useful in extensive inquiries and can lead to fairly reliable these results. It is, however, very expensive and is usually adopted in investigations by governmental agencies or by some big organizations. Population census all over the world is conducted through this method.


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