Chinese Cuisine History & Introduction to Chinese Cuisine

Chinese Cuisine

CHINESE CUISINE – Chinese culture is the oldest civilization in the world. In unrecorded history, they were said to be the first discoverers of file. Friendship and food were inseparably linked. A gathering without food was considered incomplete and improper.One thousand years before the birth of Christ, they were already experimenting with fancy cooking, recording their recipes on silk and bamboo.

Chinese Cuisine

Chinese Cuisine They are considered the best in the Eastern World. Famines greatly influenced Chinese cooking. Adversity forced the Chinese to seek new sources of food. They have been gastronomically courageous, setting no limits. They put everything edible to use, finding wonderful ways to utilize strange, etc.

The Chinese have a strong sense of artistry, which finds impression in Chinese cooking. Every aspect of food is taken into consideration-potability, texture, fragrance and color. Every dish is given proportion, balance harmony.A few factors are common in the Chinese and French cuisines.

They are both skillful cooks. Both seek simplicity as their ultimate goal, the simplicity that comes with the art of diligence. They both recognize that second class ingredients can never produce first class dishes.Chinese cooking calls for most preparations of raw ingredients and minimum cooking method. ‘Fabian’ recommends that the dishes have balance, combination and blend of color, flavor, texture, shape and size. 

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